Chubby's Finest Range - Poultry Paradise 4Lbs
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Chubby's Finest Range - Poultry Paradise 4Lbs

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Chubby presents a poultry treat like no other! 
This nutritional powerhouse not only contains our protein-packed mealworms, but includes a sophisticated blend of US grown ingredients approved by Lisa Steele from Fresh Eggs Daily, all packing in vitamins & minerals to keep your flock in tip top shape and also support egg-laying.

TYPICAL ANALYSIS: Protein 25%, Fat 15%, Crude Fibre 8% & Vitamins We recommend our poultry treats are fed alongside a complete feed to maintain a healthy diet.
Serving Suggestion: One Tablespoon per hen per day.

Ingredients: Dried Chubby Mealworms (15%) Green Peas (30%) Oat Groats (10%) Sunflower Chips (10%) Dried Cranberries (20%) Parsley (5%) & Cracked Corn (10%)

Packaged in a black resealable bag.