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3Lbs Chubby US Grown Dried Mealworms (Non-GMO)

3Lbs Chubby US Grown Dried Mealworms (Non-GMO)

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Farming for the Future
Chubby Mealworms is very excited to be working exclusively with Beta Hatch to bring these mealworms to you. Beta Hatch have been researching and refining the most efficient way of growing mealworms for several years now. They believe in harnessing the incredible potential of insects to change our food systems.
It's a really big deal and we are super excited to be not only part of their project but have exclusivity to sell their 100% Organically fed Mealworms.

Chubby Family

Unfortunately growing mealworms on a large sustainable scale is not easy! While production capacity is increasing we will only a have a small quantity of product available each month. To begin with, these will only be sold in 3lb bags and are restricted to a maximum of 4 per customer. We expect these to sell out very fast and we are sorry if they are not available when you try to order them.
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The Future
As we head into Spring 2019 we expect the amount available will increase and this will be followed by a larger range of sizes.
We expect 2019 to be a very exciting year for us as we bring to market larger quantities of what you have all been waiting for!

Be in the Know!
If you missed out this time, do not worry - as long as we have interest in the product we can continue this journey.
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All birds love chubbys

I purchased lots of meal worms from Chubby’s thinking I would have enough to last through spring and summer. I wanted to be sure the bluebirds found them. Well come to find out all birds love Chubby’s dried meal worms and now I’m feeding the masses. It’s ok though as the little blue birds are tough little birds and jump in and get their fill and are not intimidated by the big guys. But this Mama knows to keep kids happy you need plenty of feeding spaces. Currently we are feeding in three different areas. It’s our spring/ summer entertainment and I know Chubby’s will always be available online with speedy shipping. Thanks Chubby’s for keeping this senior couple happy! Carol Oveson, Monticello, MN

30Lbs Chubby Dried Mealworms

Arrived quickly, chickens love it!

I love how easy it is the order and how fast they are shipped. Thank you.

Thursty’s worms

Best worms. Bluebirds can’t get enough of them. The 30 pounds was a great deal and won’t last long!