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8oz Chubby Dried River Shrimp
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8oz Dried Chubby River Shrimp

Our Dried River Shrimp are a 100% natural treat for larger fish such as Cichlids, Koi and pond fish, they are also suitable for turtles, terrapins, amphibians, reptiles and birds. These high protein supplements are naturally sun dried & an excellent source of energy, which makes them an incredible snack for your pets.

These dried river shrimp can be fed as part of a staple diet or as a treat. If it’s smaller fish that you’re hoping to feed, don’t fret about size. These dried river shrimp can be crushed down into smaller pieces for feeding.

Technical Analysis

Dried Chubby River Shrimp are naturally packed with protein, minerals, vitamins and they have the added bonus of essential fatty acids. Min Crude Protein 60%, Min Crude Fat 11 %, Max Crude Fibre 4 % ,Max Moisture 8 %, Max Ash 10%.


8 ounces of dried, Chubby River Shrimp comes packaged in a clear plastic resealable tub. Our sturdy tub ensures that your dried river shrimp reaches you in great condition and stays fresh for as long as possible.

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