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Happy Halloween Chubby Fans!

There Are No Tricks Here...
We are Treating all customers this week with free gifts!
We've set this into Tiers to make it easier!

 Tier 1  Free Bumper
Tier 2
(orders over $50)
Free Bumper & Keychain
Tier 3
(orders over $75)
Free Bumper, Keychain & Chubster Toy
Tier 4
(orders over $100)
Free Bumper, Keychain, Chubster Toy & Cluckin' Good  Herbs 
Tier 5 
(orders over $150) 
Free Bumper, Keychain, Chubster Toy , Cluckin' Good  Herbs  &  Freaker Socks
Tier 6
(orders over $250)
 Free Bumper, Keychain, Chubster Toy, Cluckin' Good  Herbs, Freaker Socks & a Green Goo Poultry First Aid Kit

These Gifts are optional and you will have to add them when instructed... please do not add the product to your basket, you will be asked to add these.

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Mealworm purchase

Been buying Chubby dried mealworms for the bluebirds that visit my yard for a few years now. Not only the bluebirds love them but blue jays, mocking birds and starlings as well. I had to purchase a caged feeder so that my beloved bluebirds can eat in peace without having the others steal all the mealworms. Purchasing and delivery is easy and fast.

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