Chubby Freaker Socks - Pink
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Chubby Freaker Socks - Pink

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Check out our amazing Chubby Freaker Socks!

These awesome socks feature silhouettes of Birds, ducks and chickens chasing our mascot Chubby - with the slogan 'Well this socks' (see what we did there?)... seriously, what's not to love??

These were picked by Chubby fans as their favourite design back in September 2016 & now they are here for you to own! 
Just slip these on and be the envy of all your buddies!


One size fits most - Men's Size 4-13 & Women's: 6-14

Freaker socks are made from 70% combed cotton to keep your feet nice and cozy, 25% nylon so they'll last you a good long time, and 5% spandex for some stretchy wiggle room. Every step of the Freaker sock-making process is done here in the USA, from the knitting to the packaging.

*Shipping is not included on this item - unless purchased along with any of our Dried Treats

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Girls love their Chubbies!

The title says it all. My chickens go crazy for these mealworms.

Chickens love mealworms

Very good product and fast delivery. This time around I bought larger bags since my chickens devoured the smaller bag in no time. I tried to mix them in with their regular food but my feathered friends seem to knock out their regular food to eat only the mealworms. Now I give them sparingly to make sure that they continue to free range and replenish themselves with regular layer food.

Chubby Mealworms...

My guinea fowl cannot resist these mealworms, I just shake the bag and they come running! Excellent supplement over the winter when insects are scarce and a great treat in the summer. A few of my rabbits also snack on them...still amazed at that.

Chick Appreciation

This old chick and my feathered chicks like the value of this product.

11Lbs Chubby Dried Mealworms