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Chubby Summer Care Kit
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Everything just seems to be better Summer – the sun comes out, plants thrive and the world just seems a happier place. It’s also the perfect time to teat your flock!
It's the season for egg-cellent produce! In the winter months, chickens generally tend to slow or stop their egg laying due to the changing conditions (shorter daylight hours and colder temperatures). So now is the time to boost your flock with Mealworms, Calciworms and our amazing NEW Poultry Paradise to get the most our of your hens this Spring.

Our Care Package contains products with a retail value worth over $129!

So what’s in the pack?

2lbs of Chubby Mealworms - Boost in protein for those winter moults 
2lb Chubby Calci worms -  Packing calcium for stronger feathers 
5lb of Poultry Paradise - Our New nutritional powerhouse
Chubby Keychain
- Keep your keys looking Chubby 
8 fl oz of Vetericyn Plus - Healing Spray
Cluckin’ Good Herbs
- 4oz - support digestive and circulatory health.
Nasturtium seeds - Plant these edible flowers for you or your flock
Rubber Nest Eggs - 2x eggs to promote egg laying
Pink or Blue Scoop - A handy scoop for your feed and grains.

We only have a limited number of these so don't delay!
A bit about the products we don't usually stock:

Vetricyn Plus

Vetericyn is an Anti-microbial Spray for Poultry Great for adult birds and hatchlings. Formulated with advanced hypochlorous technology that is safe and effective for cleaning cuts, abraisions, pecking sores and scratches that will not burn or sting.

Cluckin’ Good Herbs - 4oz

Cluckin’ Good Herbs are used to flavor and spice up poultry feeds for birds of all ages. These delicious, organic herbs support digestive and circulatory health as well as control manure odor.

Rubber Nest Eggs 

Simply place an egg inside the desired nesting box to encourage hens to lay eggs. By placing a rubber egg inside the nest box helps the hen identify that this area is a suitable location to deposit their eggs.
Also can help discourage chickens from eating eggs.