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Chubby Winter Care Pack


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Winter can be a difficult time for Chickens. They could still be suffering from the Fall molt and desperately trying to re-grow their lost feather, dealing with colder, darker days and spending much more time perched in the coop as the weather deteriorates and the sun sets earlier.

We have put together a Winter Care Kit to ensure your Flock remains happy and healthy during these months. In this pack, you will find a mixture of our favorite Poultry specific products and of course, your favorite Chubby Mealworms as we all need extra treats and home comforts during the winter.

Our Care Package contains products with a retail value worth over $139 and is well worth the investment to bring you peace of mind as we head into the Winter. It is worth being prepared!

So what’s in the pack?

2lbs of Chubby Mealworms - Boost in protein for those winter molts 
4lb Poultry Paradise -  Our popular poultry treat just got bigger! 
1lb Coop Kelp - Coop Kelp from Fresh Eggs Daily
Elvis Chicken Toy - Keep the flock active with this pecking toy from Omelet.
Green Goo First Aid -
Be prepared for anything this winter
Pink Freaker Socks - Super Stylish Chubby Socks Made in the USA
Chubby Keyring - no keys are complete without a chubby
 2.5oz of FrassTry our 100% natural Fertilizer 

We only have a limited number of these kits so don't delay!