15Lb Big Game Win Back
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15Lb Big Game Win Back

For this year's Big Game we are offering you a chance to win back $25 from our 15lb bag.
Simply choose the 15lb product below with the team you think may win on This Sunday (2nd of Feb 2020.)
If they win - we will refund you $25!
Refunds will start to be issued on Monday.
You have until the game starts to make your purchase.
Refunds/cancelations cannot be issued during & after the game - that's cheating!

Sorry, there are no products in this collection

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Always comes quickly and correctly

Love this company

Chubby’s is the best! The product is great; Ordering on their website is so simple and Delivery is always free and arrives quickly.

they are worms

Yup got my worms and don't know what they want to hear about them … since I am not the one that even eats them .. they came in a timely manner and yup there black soldier fly worms ...

my peacocks love them

Koi love

My koi absolutely love Silkworm Pupae! Their growth and color has accelerated since I have been feeding them this.