Do you want to sell Chubby Mealworms?
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Do you want to sell Chubby Mealworms?

    We are on the lookout for top quality wholesalers and retailers who want to take on our Chubby Dried Mealworms and make great profit margins on our products. The popularity of dried mealworms is growing fast so now is a great time for you to partner with us to ensure a great quality product and a reliable supply.

    Our range looks great in store and our unique brand creates an eye catching display which is sure to entice customers!

    We have a great store locator on our site where your details will be added allowing our customers to find you easily.

    We offer great wholesale prices and have a dedicated wholesale website where you can see our prices and place orders online. If you want to sign up for a wholesale account go and enter your details now at our Chubby Mealworms Wholesale Website.

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    3188 reviews

    highly recommended. high quality and great service

    The best

    The product, the deals, the customer service, the shipping.... superior

    Our girls love them!

    Our flock goes bananas for Chubby Meal Worms!

    A Poultry Favorite

    I wasn't sure my girls would like the Superworms, but they love them.

    All Around Great Product

    My chickens flock around me when they know I'm putting DooKashi out, plus it freshens the coop.