Thanksgiving Case Deal Bonanza
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Thanksgiving Case Deal Bonanza

Thanksgiving, Black Friday & Cyber Monday is upon us again...
To keep things simple we are offering all the amazing case deals (with huge savings) we've had over the past year!
All available from Monday the 25th of November to the 2nd of December - while stocks last.

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all my birds love their meal worms

The snow birds love it!

I am putting it out in the hopes I get some eastern bluebirds haven’t seen them in my yard yet but they are up the street so I’m hoping that they will come enjoy some mealworms.

Bluebirds love ‘em!


Healthy Chicken Snack

I have been giving my girls (and 1 boy) Chubby Mealworms for a number of years. For me, this is their bedtime snack as I load them up in their coop. Even those who are already to sleep will jump down and eat some. They are happy, and I am too.

5lb Chubby Mix (Mealworm & Black Soldier Fly Larvae Combo)