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If you’re looking for ways to ensure that your reptiles are taken care of and have all of the nutrients, minerals and vitamins that they need, dried mealworms and river shrimp are a great way to do so. These quick and easy sources of food are rich in calcium, protein and, on top of that, they’re 100% natural. Order your mealworms online today!

1Lb Chubby Dried Mealworms - Chubby Mealworms
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1Lb Chubby Dried Mealworms


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2Lbs Chubby Dried Mealworms


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Poultry Paradise

I didn't think my girls could possibly be more excited to get Poultry Paradise than the mealworms, but they are. Love it. But they are pigs in chicken suits.

Great Food

Great food, reasonably priced and delivered quickly

Great Product!

My chickens and ducks LOVE mealworms! I've been feeding them this treat for several years and have found the highest quality mealworms at the lowest price at Chubby Mealworms. Thanks for all you do!

Bluebird Heaven

My Bluebirds think they are in Bluebird Heaven when the snow is falling and they have Chubby Mealworms to eat before retiring to their Blueblrd house.

Great buy

Always satisfied with product and service.