Chubby Research Pack

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Chubby Research Pack (14lb COMBO)
Here at chubby we are all up for trying new things and mixing it up.
Recently we have had reports of some chickens liking the taste of our River Shrimp and Silkworms – though they are aimed at fish…. That gave us the idea of a ‘Chubby Research Pack’
This Ridiculously Cheap pack is designed for you to try our products that you wouldn’t usually buy for your flock or pet & in return for the massive savings all we ask is, for some feedback at a later date.
So what’s in the pack?
11lbs of Chubby Mealworms (well that’s going to e a favourite)
2lb Chubby Mix (Mealworm and Calci-worm combo)
8oz of Silkworm (usually for fish – but could be ground down and used as a protein supplement)
8oz River Shrimp (again usually for fish – but have we had repots of some chicken love)
We can only offer this pack with limited numbers – so if you fancy helping out in our research please do not delay.