Chubby Rewards

If you have a reoccurring subscription with us, you are not eligible to earn or redeem points on your account.

Rewards cannot be redeemed on an order where a discount code is already automatically applied at the checkout. 

At Chubby Mealworms we love our customers. We don't just say that to make us sound nice, we really do because, well... without you we wouldn't have Chubby Mealworms!
We really want you to stick around so not only do we offer the best quality worms around, but we also offer a Chubby Reward Scheme too!
Quite simply Chubby Rewards give you money off by collecting reward points on every order you place. 
How do I join the Chubby Rewards Scheme?
Customers with store accounts are automatically enrolled. If you do not have a store account, join the Chubby Rewards today by clicking here to create your account.
How do I earn points?
All you have to do is order as normal and you will earn 10 Chubbies, sorry Chubby reward points for every $1 spent. These points are added to your account 24 hours after the order is processed on our system, so please don't panic when you they do not appear in your account straight away. 
There are other ways to earn points, such as your birthday (if you are happy to tell us) and liking or sharing our social media pages. When you are signed into your account, click on the 'Rewards' Popup and then click on 'Earn Chubby Points', Here we have a full list of ways to earn! 
Chubby Rewards - Earn


Referring a friend

Log into your account, click the the rewards widget on the left hand side of the screen and select 'Referral Program', or our 'Dedicated Page'.
Use your referral link to share with your friends and with every successful referral you'll receive 3'000 Chubby Points.
Please note, you will only earn points with new customers.
And only new customers will receive $5 OFF (a $30 spend)

What your friend will see:
 After clicking on your referral link, your friend will be taken to the Chubby mealworms homepage where a 'popup invite' will ask them for their email.

They will shortly receive an email with a $5 discount code with any purchase over $30.


How do I redeem my Chubby Rewards?
To turn your points into money off your orders you do need to be logged in to your account. Do this by clicking the Login/Register button at the top of the screen. When you are logged in you should see a 'Rewards' popup on the left side of the screen.
Then click on the 'Your Reward Points' and then 'Apply' if you have any points to redeem. 
This will add the code to the checkout automatically for you. Please check this at the checkout, if there is no code, you may need to click apply again.
Please note, if we have an offer on the website, you may not be able to redeem the code on the order. If you have already clicked Apply and you are not able to use it before of a deal, you can simply apply the code to your next order :)
how to redeem points
Hey presto just like that your discount is applied, you save money we get another order and we share the love! Oh and don't forget that you still earn more Chubby rewards on this order that you just placed with a Chubby Reward Discount, it's like a big joyful circle of love!
OK it sounds amazing and simple to use but how much can I actually save?
We wanted our Chubby Rewards Scheme to reward both the big spenders buying large boxes as well as our loyal customers just buying a small bag or tub at a time. To do this we created different levels of discounts ranging from $2 off to $100 off. Don't forget you get 500 just for creating an account! 
Remember though that the more points you save the greater the percentage discount you will receive.