Farming For The Future

Our US Grown Mealworms, are simply no ordinary insects!
Grown and reared by Beta Hatch, in America's largest Mealworm facility east of Seattle, these insects have been put through their paces. Using patented insect-rearing technology, Beta Hatch has taken your average mealworm on an advanced genetical breeding program to produce the very best nutritional insects for your flock!
Their journey does not stop there, Beta Hatch's goal is to use their sustainable mealworms as replacement to agricultural animal feed.
With every purchase you make - their goal more achievable. 
It's to no surprise we know a thing or two about mealworms, but when it comes to scientific and entomology questions we can get a little 'w-irmish'.
That's why we have set up this page for you to ask the 'Expert'.
Simply fill in the form and we'll pass it on to Dr. Virginia Emery for a response.