Stock Issues

Stock Issues


We are currently totally out of stock of our dried mealworms (imported) and it seems that whatever we do to get them back in stock things keep going wrong!

We have a lot of stock on its way to us, the first container of which has arrived in the country but this is waiting to be inspected and there is no timescale on how long this will take and unfortunately there is nothing we can do to speed this process up. 

We are chasing up on the situation every day and can only apologise for anyone that is waiting for an order. We keep expecting the situation to be resolved but what can go wrong seems to go wrong. We have another container due in 2 weeks and then another one around a month after this so things will improve but we just can't say when.

We know we have let our customers down and will do all we can to ensure that this does not happen again.

In the very near future we will also be less reliant on imports as the supply of our US grown mealworms will be increasing rapidly in the next few months.

Once again we are really sorry for any problems and inconveneince caused.