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What's Cluckin' this week? 09/17/18


Chubby Mealworms Winter Care Kits


Winter can be a difficult time for Chickens. They could still be suffering from the Fall molt and desperately trying to re-grow their lost feather, dealing with colder, darker days and spending much more time perched in the coop as the weather deteriorates and the sun sets earlier. We have put together a Winter Care Kit to ensure your Flock remains happy and healthy during these months. In this pack, you will find a mixture of our favourite Poultry specific...

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Don’t Forget THIS at Your Winter Bird Feeding Stations!


Winter has unfurled in most of the country. Nippy nights and frosty days bring the songbirds to the feeding stations.We have our tray and tube feeders cleaned, filled and ready-to-go.While we enjoy making our feathered visitors coming back to our cafes loaded with delights and Chubby Mealworms — we need to keep one often forgotten element in mind. In fact, this critical resource fits into a riddle. What falls from the sky in plentiful supply and waits at our feet...

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Guineas and hens love them

And I love happy chickies

My chickens love 'em!

Happy hens!

I order mealworms in bulk because of the price to use as a treat for my hens. Chubby is always easy to order and arrives quickly. Happy hens!

Happy chicks....

My chickens go crazy for the black fly larvae. Like kids eating candy!

9Lbs Chubby Dried Mealworms