Chubby Mealworms Winter Care Kits

Chubby Mealworms Winter Care Kits


Winter can be a difficult time for Chickens. They could still be suffering from the Fall molt and desperately trying to re-grow their lost feather, dealing with colder, darker days and spending much more time perched in the coop as the weather deteriorates and the sun sets earlier.

We have put together a Winter Care Kit to ensure your Flock remains happy and healthy during these months. In this pack, you will find a mixture of our favourite Poultry specific products and of course, your favourite Chubby Mealworms as we all need extra treats and home comforts during the winter.

Our Care Package contains products with a retail value worth over $75 and is well worth the investment to bring you peace of mind as we head into the Winter. It is worth being prepared!


Vetrx is a must have for any Poultry keeper especially, at this time of year. Vetrx is a Natural Remedy used for treating symptoms of colds and respitory problems, scaly legs and eye worms. Just place a few drops under thir wings, add it to their water or to their nostrils to help elevate symptoms. Made in the USA and 100% Natural this product is a must have!

Green Goo

Green Goo by Sierra Sage is Animal First Aid Salve is for all your home and farm animals. Helps to soothe and heal cracked, sore, and blistered paws, moisturize dry noses, repair cuts, scrapes, abrasions, and skin irritations.

The Green Goo® for Animals homeopathic formula is enriched with a high concentration of herbs designed to help repair and heal wounds. Safe for all domesticated animals in the household, farm, or ranch. Safe for people too! Convenient Large Tin for your First Aid Kit.

Dookashi for Poultry

I always worry about the Chickens spending more time in the Coops as Winter arrives. Keep the coop smelling fresh with a 1lb bag of Dookashi for Poultry.

DooKashi for Poultry eliminates odor and reduces disease-producing microbes that cause an irritating by-product of having chickens, ducks and other poultry: odor! Plus, healthy chickens means healthy egg production. Backyard chickens are becoming very popular however, remember to be a good neighbor and reduce chicken odor from their coop.   Use DooKashi in the coop and get no more complaints (only neighbors hoping for eggs!).  

  • Bird's respiratory system stay healthy
  • Speeds up composting process of manure
  • Makes compost more nutrient rich
  • Reduces dirt and waste build up that leads to sickness and the spread of salmonella 
  • At times of stress: changes to their environment, returning from a show, intro
  • During very cold weather: extra protein and vitamins are required to produce heat during the cold.

So what’s in the pack?

2lbs of Chubby Mealworms - Boost in protein for those winter moults 
1lb Chubby Calci worms -  packing calcium for stronger feathers 
1lb Bag of Doo Kashi - natural odor control
2 fl oz of VetRx - for respiratory function
7oz of Green Goo - 
First aid balm & protection

We only have a limited number of these so don't delay, whats more if you are spending over $80 on additional Mealworms we'll knock an extra $10 off!

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