7.5Lbs Chubby US Grown Dried Mealworms (Non-GMO) - Temporary Plain Packaging

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Temporary Plain Packaging

7.5Lbs of Organically Grown Chubby Dried Mealworms (Non-GMO)

We are ecstatic to announce the launch of our NEW resealable bag, which makes feeding time a dream come true.

These are 100% US Grown Chubby Dried Mealworms! Our organically fed mealworms are high in protein and essential fatty acids, making them the most nutritious and delicious treat for your flock! 

Farming for the Future
Chubby Mealworms is very excited to be working with Beta Hatch to bring these mealworms to you. Beta Hatch has been researching and refining the most efficient way of growing mealworms for several years now. They believe in harnessing the incredible potential of insects to change our food systems.
It's a really big deal and we are super excited to be not only part of their project but to sell their 100% Organically fed (non-GMO) Mealworms.


Directions for use:
Feed 2 tablespoons to each bird daily.
Always ensure fresh water is available.

Protein >59%
Fat >24%
Fiber <6%