How to Choose the Right Pet With Chubby Mealworms

How to Choose the Right Pet With Chubby Mealworms


Having a companion animal makes life better! Fond memories of childhood pets embrace our thoughts. We certainly want to experience that again — and we want to share that with our children. Of course, it is a really cheerful time. Whether you are 6 or 60, just musing about adding another buddy to the house brings joy, and we become excited “kids” again. Choosing the right pet is a task that requires careful consideration to ensure a great match. Here are a few ideas to guide you through the process.

Family members

Furry, finned, feathered or human, they all matter when deciding the type of new addition to the household. Adding a St. Bernard to a home with sensitive cats could lead to trouble. If you have small children or elderly people in your home choosing an active dog could lead to accidents. Some people have allergies limiting selections.

Cross-species compatibility is important. We don’t always have to think that a pet needs to be a cat or a dog. Consider adding a fish tank, small animal (like a hedgehog or a rabbit), birds or herps (frogs, lizards or turtles). You don’t need to live on a farm to think about caring for chickens, other poultry, goats, sheep or rabbits. Check your local zoning to see if you can have livestock in your area.

• For small children, or elderly households, choose rabbits, older cats or dogs. Birds are also a great choice. Fish tanks pose slip hazards and small children must always be watched around the aquarium. Older animals tend to be calmer, but each animal is still an individual. These senior critters are often in need of homes and their life experience makes them extra-special friends. You will always need to monitor small children and pets, as they can inadvertently injure or scare small animals. Sometimes a gentle dog is the best bet for children under 6.

• You won’t want to add a bird, pocket pet or rabbit to your house if you have animals that have strong prey drives.

• Consider choosing breeds or species that are hypo-allergenic. Always think outside the “leash,” adopt a rabbit, bird, gerbil  - check to see what rescues are in your area. You will be surprised and you will get great ideas. Humane societies regularly have exotic animals up for adoption.

• Do you live in an apartment, townhouse or a sprawling country acreage? Are there restrictions on what kinds of animals you can keep in your area? Small dogs and cats are more comfortable in a city apartment, but if you work from home and spend time outside you may not have to limit your choice to lap pets!


Jet setter or chair setter? Your work, travel and time schedule will dictate which new animals you can care for. Here are a few guidelines to take into mind.

  • If you travel regularly think about keeping a fish or herp tank. These animals can be easier for pet sitters or friends to care for.
  • If you are an active person that loves to hit the trails- consider a pony, donkey alpaca or llama! These hooved critters can hike with the best. They are hardy, sure-footed and can help to carry supplies. If you have the room at your home, or access to a boarding stable, put a camel or equine in your life!
  • Reptiles, fish and amphibians are delightful family additions. These unique animals are affectionate and intriguing. Fish will interact with you and even enjoy some fun games of water tag. Creating beautiful ecosystems for these pets is only limited by your imagination. Aquariums come in a wide variety of custom styles and sizes that add impressive living furniture to your home.
  • Don’t forget the other avians! Bring some chickens, ducks, geese or turkeys home. No one ever regrets this. These lively birds are perfect for gardeners and people who love to be out in their yards.If having a beautiful landscape, with flower gardens and crops is your “dream” adding these moving ornaments creates a stunning view. Poultry are endearing, affectionate and they drastically reduce pest insects. They provide your breakfast, your compost and they work side by side with you as you cultivate and tend your plants. This is a real win-win partnership!
  • Move your aquarium outside. That’s right, put in a fishpond. If you live in a cool area stock your water garden with goldfish, minnows and spectacular koi. For those of us enjoying the tropical sun in our own backyard, you can add a tropical fish pond.Tetras, catfish, danios and guppies are just a few of the beauties that will relish a truly natural lifestyle.
  • Animal companions add so much to our lives. They remind us of what wisdom and real friendship is all about. Cross-species relationships are rich and evolving. Having an animal expands our world, gets us active, erases boredom, awakens ambition, starts new friendships and so much more. Children learn to be better problem solvers, learn trust and develop a strong foundation for compassion.

    Let’s get interactive! It’s your turn to write for Chubby. In the comment section tell us which of these pets love Chubby Mealworms? Did we miss someone….add your favorite companion to the list. Do you have a chinchilla, an iguana, a salamander or a clever chameleon? This is the time to share your fun friends with us!