Want the Perfect Pet? Adopt a Chicken!

Want the Perfect Pet? Adopt a Chicken!



Is your family ready to add a new member? Do you want a pet that doesn’t shed, doesn’t bark, doesn’t have an odor, doesn’t eat “messy” food... and won’t leave fur all over the carpets? That sounds like the perfect pet, doesn’t it? And it’s not too good to be true! Chubby Mealworms has a secret for you. Want to know what the perfect pet is?

You need to adopt some chickens! Yes, your fun new family members will be birds. Chickens exhibit all of the great characteristics of other animals, but without all of the cons.When you keep backyard chickens – it’s all "pro." They will make your breakfast and provide you with some additions to your compost pile (including those egg shells).

Top Reasons to Keep Chickens

  • 1. Chickens, both hens and roosters, are intelligent and highly social animals. They want to be with you and they will follow you around. Many will jump on your lap (or head) and wait for some quality time with their favorite buddy. They make cooing and purring sounds as they cuddle up for a fun snuggling session. Birds enjoy preening and you will find your chickens preening your clothes and hair. Chickens are just full of affection to share.
  • 2. As visual/verbal animals, chickens see the world like we do. Like us, they have a limited sense of smell. They communicate with a unique language of warbles, clucks, squeaks, chirps, rattles and purrs. Their language is easy to understand, and they readily learn our words as well. Remember, birds were the first animals able to engage in reciprocal conversation with humans.
  • 3. If you don’t like “accidents” in the house, you won’t have that problem with chickens. These birds prefer to live in flocks in their own coop.Forget about unsightly and offensive droppings on the lawn. Chicken manure makes great fertilizer and it won’t burn your lawn. It dries into flat, chopped grass pancakes. Because chickens are not carnivores, or mammals, you don’t have to worry about disposing of disease causing waste. Simply toss the chicken waste into the flowerbed, or pile it up with your kitchen and leaf rakings, to make “black gold” that your gardening friends will covet. In fact, gardening friends will be asking for your muck pile! They know good stuff when they see it – and they know how expensive chicken manure is at the plant center.
  • 4. Eggs. Nothing makes neighbours happier than a rich, creamy custard or a dozen eggs! Chickens naturally lay eggs when they reach sexual maturity – all birds do! A hen, as other female animals, is born with all of the eggs she will need through her breeding years. Ensure your hens are happy, well fed and allowed a life free of chronic stress. Egg laying is part of her reproductive process. Your hens will need a clean and quiet nest to lay in.

  • 5. Roosters are an important part of every flock. These noble and beautiful male birds are a true backyard spectacle! Roosters protect the flock (including the other roosters, they work in a team), help with problem solving and keep the chicken society running smoothly. No wild or feral flock of chickens exists without roosters. They do not crow very often and this warbling clarion is no louder than traffic noise, lawn mowers, wild birds or barking dogs. If you need to curtail “Chanticleer’s” operatics, simply make or purchase a rooster collar that softens the volume of the crow.
  • 6.  Environmentally conscious folks will love living with pets that help them cultivate a sustainable and humane lifestyle. Go "green” by living with chickens. Their cute capers will get you spending more time outside. Chickens provide natural pest control, weed control,light soil tilling and organic fertilizer. Songbirds treasure chicken feathers as the perfect nest liners. When you stop buying factory-farmed eggs, you make a stand for humane farming while you help promote better agricultural practices.
  • 7. Are you a social butterfly? Chickens will get you involved in the community. Whether you enjoy gardening or joining clubs, your chickens will get you a front row seat. Join an exhibition poultry group to chat with fellow poultry keepers. If you like community involvement, open your coop for tours. Local children’s groups will put your feathered friends on the top of their “cool” list. Children LOVE chickens, and chickens LOVE children. Train your birds to be therapists. Nursing homes and senior centers have “animal companion” visits. Seeing a chicken will bring a smile to any senior citizen that grew up on a farm! Nothing beats petting a living representative of those feathered memories.
  • 8. Vegan or vegetarian? Add some chickens to your family. You won’t have to buy any meat or animal products. Chickens are omnivores but they do not require a meat-based diet like cats or dogs. Chickens require protein in their diet, but that protein can come from many sources, they will look for this in insects.– but they won’t turn down a snack of Chubby Mealworms (especially in during  
  • 9. ADOPT! Many chickens are in need of homes. These dignified and graceful creatures can bring joy to your life. Be a chicken hero – adopt birds into your home. You won’t regret it…in fact - you’ll wonder why you waited so long!


    Share your stories. How much do your lucky chickens love Chubby Mealworms? Tell us about how you dote on your birds, scratch up some tales about how you came to keep chickens, and how they became your best friends!