Whats Cluckin this Week? 08/20/18
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Whats Cluckin this Week? 08/20/18

Whats Cluckin this Week? 08/20/18


Welcome along Chubby Mealworms fans and have we got a GIFT of a week for you! 

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It's not Christmas... but it sure will feel like it!

You can receive  FREE gifts with EVERY order!
We've set this into tiers...

Tier 1 (orders up to $50)
Free Bumper Chubby Sticker

Tier 2 (orders over $50) 
Free Bumper & Keychain

Tier 3  (orders over $75)
Free Bumper, Keychain & Chubster Toy

Tier 4  (orders over $100)
Free Bumper, Keychain, Chubster Toy & Cluckin' Good  Herbs 

Tier 5  (orders over $150) 
Free Bumper, Keychain, Chubster Toy , Cluckin' Good  Herbs  &  Freaker Socks

Tier 6 (orders over $250)
 Free Bumper, Keychain, Chubster Toy, Cluckin' Good  Herbs, Freaker Socks & a Green Goo Poultry First Aid Kit

These Gifts are optional and you will have to add them when instructed...


If you decide to shop some more after adding a free gift, you must delete your existing gift before adding a new one
( it just confuses the computermibob) 

The Search is still on.......


 Don't forget to enter before it is too late!

 Click here to enter 

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HOEVE Farm Chicken treats

My chicken look forward to their Chubby Mealworms treat every night! This way they know they need to get inside their run and day is done for free ranging. They all know when it is treat O’clock and are at the back door waiting in anticipation

Worms for the Blue Birds of happiness

My wife and I so enjoy watching all kinds of birds coming to our feeders. Here in Charleston, SC the Blue Birds, Carolina Wrens, Mocking Birds and others love the Mealworms.

3Lbs Chubby Dried Mealworms

Chubby Mealworm

good value

22Lbs Chubby Dried Mealworms