Whats Cluckin' this week? 09/03/18

Whats Cluckin' this week? 09/03/18


We hope you started your week with a relaxing Labor Day and what better way to enjoy this then earning Triple Points 

We are celebrating Labor Day with TRIPLE POINTS!
(All you hard workers deserve it)
 For two days you can stack up those Chubby Rewards, with every customer earning 30 Reward Points for every $1 spent!
(Rather than the usual 10)

This week we have found our Winner of the Biggest Giveaway of the Year! Massive Congrats to 

Kristi Weiss from Fort Morgan CO

Kristi must be feeling pretty excited right about now, a Years Supply of Chubby Mealworms, a Years Supply of Dookashi and a brand new Eglu Go Up Omlet Coop! 

If you missed out on this, do not despair, the Golden ticket is still out there! 


We are down to the last couple of hundred tubs and somewhere in there is the GOLDEN TICKET! Lets find it!