What's Cluckin' this week? 10.9.18

What's Cluckin' this week? 10.9.18


This weeks brings the launch of our all new product, FrassIt’s a technical term for manure that we harvest from our organically fed mealworm beetles. It is odor-free & contains no bugs!

Frass has a natural source of magnesium making it ideal for tomatoes & roses. 

100% Organic Food for Flowers & Vegetables. (2-3-2)

Our Chubby Frass is a quality sustainable nutrient for garden soil and potted plants all grown in Washington USA.

A perfect Organic and balanced fertilizer suitable for all plants, containing 40% organic carbon which is essential for building healthy soils.

We are giving you the opportunity to try this new product in our 5lb Frass pack. For just $5 more than a 5lb bag you will also receive a bag of Frass and a pack of Nasturtium seeds. Now we know it may not be gardening season where you are but why not try and grow these indoors over the winter then in the Spring you will have some Nasturtium flowers for your Chickens to dine on! 


We have another winner.......

This week also picked a winner of our Fresh Eggs Daily Giveaway. Sadie Beery has won a 5lb bag of Poultry Paradise and two Feed Supplements from Fresh Eggs Daily. Congratulations and Enjoy your prize.