Whats Clucking this week 08.06.18

Whats Clucking this week 08.06.18


Welcome to August....

Amd what an exciting month it is going to be. We have Competitions, quizes, giveaways and we will even feature in an episode of our favorite show of all Coop Dreams . Be sure to tune in on Friday Morning!  Test your knowledge of Coop Dreams to see if you are a superfan and can unlock a Special Discount Code. 

Keeping on the Topic of Coop Dreams, the hunt is still on for the Golden Ticket. Could you be the one to find it? It is out there somewhere 


This week only! 


Not content with one Giveaway, for the rest of the month you can enter our Biggest Giveaway of the Year where we have teamed up with Dookashi and Omlet US to bring you this $1k Giveaway 

Click here to enter