Win a 4lb Tub of Verm X for Poultry and a 2lb Chubby Mealworm Frass pack

Win a 4lb Tub of Verm X for Poultry and a 2lb Chubby Mealworm Frass pack


We have teamed up with our wonderful friend Melissa at Tilly's Nest to bring you this super Summer giveaway. Keen gardener, auther and Chicken enthuiast Melissa has been trialing our products........


Have you tried our new products yet? We are now the US Distributors for Verm X. The natural way to maintain intestinal health amongst your flock 

'The Verm-X. It is so easy to use.  Smells good, all natural ingredients and it blends in so well with the regular layer pellets that the chickens have no idea that I mixed something into their food. It can't get any easier!'




You can also win a pack of our all new Frass! 


100% Organic Food for Flowers & Vegetables. (2-3-2)

Our Chubby Frass is a quality sustainable nutrient for garden soil and potted plants all grown in Washington USA.

What is Frass?
It’s a technical term for manure that we harvest from our organically fed mealworm beetles. It is odor-free & contains no bugs!
Frass has a natural source of magnesium making it ideal for tomatoes & roses.

Directions for Use

For gardens and farms:

Apply one pound per 40 square feet of soil.


'I love that I can help up-cycle the frass from the mealworms into my garden. It is simple to do, has no odor and my garden is thriving!'




 Congratulations to Bobette Turner from New Portland, Maine, we hope you enjoy your prize!