Competition Winners

This page is dedicated to our winners.... deep down we all know you are all winners for buying Chubby Mealworms :)
But since we are the kind of company that loves to give - we have a LOT of giveaways and awesome competitions.
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eiss, CO




Drawn Date Winner
Coop Dreams tub giveaway  03/20/20 Dandi Gantry, ALabama 
Tilly's Nest US Mealworms Giveaway 11/06/19 Rachel Bicksler 
Tillys Nest Verm X and Frass Pack  07/04/19 Bobette Turner, Maine 
Poultry Paradise Fresh Eggs Daily  03/23/19 Nicole Jackson, Milford, CT
Tillys Nest Giveaway  02/20/19 Anita Stephens, Florida
Coop Dreams Golden  Ticket Winner  09/09/18 Dixie Renger from Powhatan Virginia 
upply Giveaway with Dookashi and Omlet US Summer 2018 Kristi Weiss, Fort Morgan, CO
Spring Photo Contest  06/01/18

1 st Prize Leslie Barr , PA

2nd Prize Mark Gantry , AL

3rd Prize, Alex Mlix McPhearson, WA 

Green Goo First Aid kit 05/28/18 Valarie Young, Surprise Arizona
Winter Care Kit 04/23/18 Connie Poteet, Missouri 


Easter Spectacular

04/03/18 Rose Reeder, Iowa


Chicken Guard Giveaway


01/22/18 Courtney Phanco - Florida


Broken Bag giveaway

11/24/2017 1st  Lisa Neely
2nd Liddy Walker
3rd Ranay Hendrickson 
Nite Guard & Chubby Mealworm Mixes  10/17/17 Amber Bourland, Montana 

Broken Bag Giveaway 

1st -  (12lbs)
2nd - (8Lbs)
3rd -  (6lbs)

06/12/17 1st - Lucretia Weng
2nd - Elaine Christian
3rd - Susan Wilson
Fresh Eggs Daily signed book and 15lb bag 
Carl Couchman from Galveston, Texas 

Mothers Day Giveaway With Chubby Chipmunk. 

1lb Chocolate Book Box and a 2lb Bag 

05/15/17 Sue  Downey, USA 

Chicken Fountain Draw
Chicken waterier and 3lb Tub

05/10/2017 Valerie Lieu from Berkeley, CA

Swing for Spring giveaway

Chicken wing & 3lb Tub

04/05/2017 Linda Mathews from Pensylvania

Winter Photo Contest (Chubby Chill)

3 Prizes - 15lbs, 5lbs & 3Lb Tub

March 1st 2017 Christina Gentry
Bobbi Coup

Big Game Giveaway

Hen Party Prize

Feburary 6th 2017 Jody Currin

Christmas Tub & Chubby Claus Comp

(3 winners)

December 15th 2016 Rickie Baldwin
Joanne Cooper
Cathy Walker
Halloween Giveaway (4 Prizes)  October 31st 2016

(11lbs) Michele Shanholtz

(5lbs) Wanda Banks

(3lb Tub) Kelly Brooks

(2lb) Randy Hendrickson

Win a 3lb Tub (facebook comp)  October 31st 2016 Cindi Vallin
Chubby Freaker Sock Design (3 Prizes)
a pair of chubby socks and a 3lb tub
October 20th 2016

Naomi Wise (CA)

Danny Gholson (US)

Jannet Berney (US)

Chubby Games Giveaway

11 lb Bag of chubby mealworms

August 22nd 2016

Crystal Jennings from Channelview TX

A Years Supply of Chubby Mealworms

11lbs every month for a year!!

July 4th 2016

Anita Orr (Oregon, US)



Big game giveaway

Hen Party Prize

Feburary 6th 2017 Jody Currin

'Urban Coop' Coop & a years supply of Chubby Mealworms (5lbs every month for a year)

November 25th 2016

Amy Hammill