3 Reasons for Raising Chickens

3 Reasons for Raising Chickens


Chubby Mealworms knows why so many people are raising chickens. It’s no secret – raising chickens is a fulfilling and exciting hobby. Here is what long-time chicken keepers want you to know!

Chicken keeping is easy

With over 300 breeds of chickens to choose from, finding your favorite is the hardest part of the hobby. Unlike choosing a dog, you don’t have to worry about unusual personality quirks, shedding or unpleasant behaviors like barking, biting, or tearing up the furniture. Every chicken has a unique personality…but these charismatic birds express their individuality in delightful ways.

When handled regularly and offered enticing treats, like mealworms and fruits, they will readily bond with you and come running when you call them. Chickens readily learn their names and will hop on your lap for a daytime cuddle session (and they won’t leave any hairs).

You won’t have to walk your chickens, but you will need to spend some quality time socializing with them every day. These birds really love to be with people and they will seek you out for companionship. Poultry enjoy following people around... and this is just one of their delightful habits.

Providing for your chickens is not a chore. Birds require a sturdy coop to live in, a fenced run with a net cover (to keep out birds-of-prey), their poultry grain, fresh water, leafy vegetables and fruits. Don't feed avocado (it's toxic) or citrus. Chickens are omnivores, not carnivores or herbivores, and their protein needs can be supplemented by feeding them cooked eggs, human-grade cooked proteins and by offering Chubby Mealworms! The best way for the birds to get the extra nutrition they require is to allow them to free-range under supervision.

That takes us to reason #2.

Gardening is better with chickens

If you love to play in the dirt, and can’t think of a better way to spend a day than cultivating – then, we have the companions for you. Chickens are natural born gardeners. The birds love to be with their favorite humans and they love to do things with you.The minute you pull out that rake or wheelbarrow, your flock will be fluttering at your heels to get to work.

Chickens carefully cultivate the earth as they scratch, preventing soil disturbance, while removing pest insects like cutworms and ticks. The light tilling of their feet also inhibits weed seedlings from taking hold. They also eat the weeds and their seeds.

Place your compost bin in a section of the garden where you intend to spread the finished soil. Simply lift the fence or bin and your flock will jump into action. Compost spreading is a chicken’s favorite pastime!

The birds will nibble on some of the fruit and only a few of the vegetables, like lettuce or ripe tomatoes. Simply block off new plantings with small fence sections, or weave boughs of vine or willow to make your own temporary barricades. 

This is really easy and it looks truly whimsical.

Snip segments of grape, bittersweet or wisteria vines and bend them in a “U” shape (learn more here). Place each end into the soil. Set a straight brace through the center.

Overlap each “U” to build your chicken fence. The birds quickly learn that you don’t want them to go in those areas. Remove any chickens that enter the "no go" area, and they will get the message!

Your new best friends

It’s easy to socialize chickens. They are flock animals that naturally want to be with others – including you. If you spend enough time doing things (cleaning, feeding, giving treats and playing with) your birds, they will look forward to your visits. Chickens get very enthusiastic and can’t wait for their favorite people to be with them.

Want to do something fun for your birds? Grab your garden shovel and go digging for worms. Chickens love this, and it won’t take more than once for them to associate your shovel with going digging. They will be watching you head for the shed to get their favorite tool. Chickens know that the shovel means they will soon be going “diggies” with their best friend.


Chickens are prey animals and it is never safe to let them range unsupervised. Hawks are a daily threat and ground predators can strike with unpredictability – even during the daytime. This is why chickens are the perfect companion animals for people who love to spend time in the outdoors. If you are not out gardening, doing yard-work or playing backyard sports, take your lawn chair and follow the chickens as they forage. The entertainment will be worth it, but book lovers can take this opportunity to multi-task, as they protect their flock and get some good reading in! Children love to play outside and they are the perfect companions for poultry. 

Chickens love to be with children.Think "chickens" when choosing your kids’ next best friend.

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